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At first, Everton showed confidence about the Merseyside derby against Liverpool and Liverpool's supporters showed even more for their $2.00 Odds (http://www.luxbet.com).

The match ended 0-0 and the teams are now in top 7, Liverpool in the 7th place and Everton five points above with two games left.

But, how it was-like?

In the first 10 minutes Steven Pienaar made an effort to goal from outside the box but it went wide left of the target. A not-so-promising start for Evertons or just bad-luck? Maybe both.

If the Steven Pienaar's shot was wide left, ten minutes later Daniel Sturridge got an outside of the penalty box wide right shot, but didn't goal.
Until the ending of the first half, Steven Gerrard stroke on goal from the free kick from Marouane Fellaini but fails also.
In the second half until the end Victor Anchebe, Fabio Borni and Leo Osman got booked, even more tries to score but fail.

How would you call that?

Some people may call it a disappointing derby and a Liverpool's lack of chances against Everton's organized defence.
Of course, you wouldn't call it a memorable derby but we'll see how it'll be on the May 12 15:00 P.M. Premier League Match Everton Vs West Ham Unitet (the home advantage is for WHU) and on the May 19 16:00 P.M. Premier League Match Everton Vs Chelsea.
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West Ham need a win to advance from the nine place in Premier League, but also is known that is the 126th match between these teams, 62 won by Everton, 36 won by West Ham and 27 draws.
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West Brom boss Steve Clarke said Manchester City was encouraged into the game and, as a consequence, they proved who lead to the victory.

The last match of West Bromwich Vs Manchester City was a hard-fought victory for Man City that maintained them on the 17th Premier League with a clean sheet of the season. Home advantage for West Brom has given them slight advantage with bookies, with $2.30 Odds (TAB).

How it was-like this tastefully win?

Until 33:44 moment the effort of Romelu Lukaku, Markus Rosenberg, Carlos Tevez, James Milner didn't pay-off, but in 33:46 Edin Dzeko marked a goal assisted by Carlos.
In the second half of the match Markus Rosenberg had an effort at goal from outside area which missed.

Later, Claudio Yacob was cautioned for unsporting behaviour and Samir Nasri got booked.

In the end, the match ended with 1-0 Man City's victory.
Think they might win again next time?

Manchester City looks promising after their evolution in English Premier League. This victory got Man City into the FA Coup Final on May 11 against Wigan Athletic at 7:15 P.M.
"With this goal we are in the Champions League and probably in second position." Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini said.

Bet or not to bet?

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As the season draws near its completion and a champion prepares to be named, the excitement of Premier League soccer is reaching a high level.

It's the time of year when the League Trophy is on the line. Suddenly every step, every kick, every block takes on the importance of a moon landing.  It's the time when heroes are made, fans are born, and the future stars of the league begin down the road toward a dream.

Those in almost any sport, at any level, know that their playoffs, tournaments, and marquee events draw in new fans by the thousands.  Who remembers a key goal in a midseason game with no playoff implications?  What about Andy Cole's game winner in the 1999 season finale?  The key games bring out the heroes and bring in the fans.

It's what inspires every kid who pulls on a pair of Nike soccer shoes and dreams of duplicating that feat.  It's what fills stadium after stadium with thousands of fans, waiting for that play that they'll revisit in the pubs with their mates for the next 30 years.  It's what makes the US, perhaps the world's most staid soccer market, sit up and pay attention to this Beckham lad and find out he isn't just some pretty face married to some other pretty face.

So the eyes of the world are upon the sport as the season winds to a close.  This point in the season could do more to make or break the sport than any other.  It's when the color of the sport needs to emerge.  It's the time when the most entertaining personalities need to show up, and when the best performers need to live up to the hype.

The television ratings are crucial.  The games need to draw in the viewers needed to persuade advertisers to pay top rates for ads on uniforms, space on stadiums, and for television commercials themselves.

It is when competition should be strong as well.  There is a great thrill for fans of a dominant team to watch them coast through season's end with shelf space already cleared for the trophy.  It is quite another for the fans of three or four teams to watch with anticipation as their favorites struggle against longtime rivals for the title, and it is a whole new world when the long shot makes a final-days push to grab improbably wins and find themselves atop the heap.

It's also the time that can ruin a sport.  Ask American baseball fans about the impact of a strike.  Major League Baseball players walked off on August 12, 1994, leading to a cancellation of the World Series a couple months later and a delayed beginning to the 1995 season.  The sport took years to recover the attendance and TV ratings it had previously held, and its image has only recently regained its luster.  A strike by officials in the National Football League last year brought in bumbling replacements who missed call after obvious call.  Fans were livid.

Every sport has that time of the year when it's discussed not just by sports fans and journalists, but by the general public.  When the profile rises this high, the sport's future depends on putting its best foot forward.  We shall soon see what this season's end holds.



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