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This article was contributed by Creative Reporter James Kent

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The scandal in Germany where players were allegedly given cash payments to influence the results of five games has resulted in four arrests. Details of who the players are and the clubs involved have not been revealed. The German Football Association (DFB) is carrying out its own investigation into the possibility that matches in an amateur league had been fixed.

The latest match fixing scandal puts the reputation of Germany at stake ahead of the World Cup. It affects the players, fans, referees, Germany and the German Football Association. It also affects the World Cup itself as the scandal will create fears of match fixing or unethical activity at the forthcoming competition.

Their needs to be a full investigation into exactly what happened in this latest scandal. This issue is important to resolve, but it should not overshadow the World Cup and if possible any convictions or trials should take place after the World Cup finals. Anyone involved in either the latest scandals or previous scandals should not be involved in the World Cup in any way, shape or form. The latest match fixing case is similar to a previous one, suggesting that some of the same people may be involved again. It's alleged that players were offered payments of several thousand euros if they could influence the result of at least five games.

There are several options to deal with this issue. Bans could be handed out. Either lifetime bans or lengthly bans for repeat offenders like the players who allegedly accepted payments. Anyone involved in handing out cash offers could receive lifetime bans from football if they are involved in the game, if they are fans they should receive lifetime bans from attending matches anywhere in the world. Jail time and hefty fines could also come into play.

The authorities should consider the serious implications of any offenses at the World Cup and increase precautions accordingly. They should make sure that referees involved in previous match fixing scandals in Germany are not in charge of any games. They may also like to consider making sure that anyone involved in match fixing scandals is not allowed entry into the World Cup game in case they influence the match in any way.

During my research I came across reports from Italy detailing how Genoa were demoted from the top league to the third division and will have to start the season with a three point penalty. Depending on the exact details perhaps the German clubs involved could receive similar penalties as Genoa.

I think generally there should be a standardized ways of dealing with people involved in match fixing. I think in this case the players who accepted the bribes should receive bans and fines and if they are ever caught in a scandal again given lifetime bans. Anyone handing out cash payments should received lifetime bans either from football in general or if they are a fan they should be banned from attending games anywhere in the world. I also think there should be a database formed of previous offenders and those people should be prevented from either attending or being involved with the World Cup.

This article was contributed by Creative Reporter James Kent

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