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It would appear that Aston villa captain Gareth Barry's days at Villa Park are now numbered.

His agent Alex Black, told the BBC that Barry has plans to play Champions League football next season. He has apparently informed Villa boss Martin O'Neill and it now looks certain that Liverpool will continue with their barely disguised interest in the England man.

O'Neill will still be desperate to keep Barry but it will be difficult if the player has come to a decision. O'Neill has been critical of Liverpool's interest, but it looks as though he might lose out.

Liverpool are keen to partner Barry in midfield with his England colleague Steven Gerrard and have declared their interest publicly, much to O'Neill's fury.

It was reported that Liverpool had a previous bid of £12million rejected by Villa who are said to be looking for at least £15million.

The asking price could just prove to be a problem for the Anfield Club as Rafa Benitez has gone public on his club's website to say that money will be tighter than he had hoped. Presumably this as a result of the childish and embarrassing feud between the owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

"If we had a lot of money to spend it would obviously be better," Benitez said, "But if we don't, it doesn't matter.

"It is not about buying the most expensive players, it is about buying the right players and we can sell some players to get the others we need. We have the spine of the team and we just need others in other positions."

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  1. Marcus on 11-06-2008 at 3:15 pm

    Dear Gareth & your agent,

    Before you confuse your career needs with your emotional and irrational desire to play with your mate Stevie in the odd Champions League game, you might like to consider this.

    Hicks and Gillett hate each other.
    The club has their debt incurred acquiring the club.
    They have already refinanced and the club pays interest of £30m a year.
    Accounts of Kop Holdings Ltd (set up to run the club) show a loss of £32.3m in the last year, despite reaching the Champions League final.
    The duo had to draw £1.5m to cover their ‘personal expences’, hardly something rich men need to do.
    The duo have still not obtained finance for the new stadium. If they have not got it now, they will not get it. They have no capital worth talking about, the world is already suffering the ‘credit crunch’ and is about to go into recession.
    Villa is totally stable and improving
    If the Reds have to sell to buy, they will have to do it again next season. Does any other Champions League club have to do that? Eventually they will run out of players.
    Are Man U, Chelsea or Arsenal interested in Milner?
    How long before someone comes in for Torres or Stevie? Will the duo resist the desperate need to sell?
    Have you ever heard of the two full backs Benny has just bought?
    Who will pay £15m for Crouch, with only 1 year on his contract? Is Benny that daft? Harry Rednapp cannot believe what he is asking?
    If they get the money to buy you, who else will they be able to afford?
    Benny has just had to confirm publicly his job is safe. He will be the last to know he’s going.
    The Reds are a season from emulating Leeds, maybe DIC will save them from administration and a 10 point loss.
    DIC will sack Benny and the new man might not want you, or Stevie, who is reaching an age when they will cash in.
    A good agent would never sell his client to a manager with such an uncertain future or such an anstable club.
    The Scousers have not got a hope of catching the 3 above them.
    They must qualify for the Champions League
    You are idolised by the Villa fans, but you won’t be by the scousers, wrong accent.
    At Villa you have established yourself as an England regular.
    How do you feel about being rotated and only playing every other game?
    Fabio, one of the more important people in your life has said, “It’s very imortant to see the players every week. Its better for us if they play regularly (Crouch, Bridge and Defoe to note). It’s not important to be playing in the Champions League. A lot of players have done very well for the national team (you) without playing in the Champions League”. Source – Independent 10.6.08.
    Steve (gis us a job) McLaren has just tried to raise his profile by saying you will benefit from Champions League football. Well he made only one good decision as England manager, he picked you who never played in it. But what does his view matter any more?
    Benny has said they can play you at full back, wide and central midfield. He doesn’t know where he is going to play you. You need to play central midfield reguarly.
    You play for the best manager in the country.
    Do you really want your next child born a scouser?!
    What does the wife say, or more importantly keep to herself?
    Have you any idea of the fans response if you ever return to Villa in a red shirt? Don’t bother.
    Look Stevie in the eye, does he care for anyone other than himself and the Reds?
    Just accept you are bloody well off and you could screw it up, for what?
    Stevie will tell you about the importance of loyalty, if you need to be told, he must be laughing his head off.

    Think Gareth, life isn’t always greener living in the red.

    From someone who has contributed to your wage packet for the last 10 years.

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