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Fabio Capello to MLS? Yeah, Why Not...

Does anyone else find it odd that Fabio Capello is mulling over a move to MLS? The hope was that Beckham's big name arrival wouldn't be the last, but most onlookers were expecting quality players the wrong side of 30 (Jay-Jay Okacha?) Instead the league is linked with one of the premiere coaches in the whole world.

Despite his last day title win, Madrid sacked the more or less legendary 61 year old Italian coach for being too boring, replacing him with Bernd "exciting" Schuster. I expected Capello to land a big job somewhere in Europe, but seems he's seriously considering this MLS malarkey.

"They have contacted me from the United States, however I must think about it," Capello told Monday's Gazzetta Dello Sport without naming the U.S. team. "It would be a new experience that would intrigue me not for the money but to see if anyone could make American soccer take off."

With all respect Don Fabio, I seriously doubt Americans will switch over to soccer because some Italian dude who loves defensive midfielders is coaching. It's also difficult to work out who the mystery MLS club are. Galaxy would seem off the table, as Capello and Beckham aren't exactly BFF. New York Red Bulls have Bruce Arena and seem very happy (and so they should be.) The Chicago Fire vacancy was just filled and no one's going to fire Steve Nicol at New England. Maybe DC United?

But wait a minute. Capello doesn't even speak English does he? But he does speak Spanish, so maybe chivas USA could be Capello's destination. Just a thought.

Either way, embracing Fabio may not put bums on seats, and it may not even work out on the field. MLS is a very different game, with trading and drafts and play-offs and salary caps and DPs and expansion drafts and all types of weird stuff. There's no guarantee that a coach like Capello would be able to transfer his skills directly.

But signing Capello, for any MLS team, would still be huge. Not for attendances or marketing (get your Fabio Capello branded Real Salt Lake eyeglasses!) but for respectability. Having one of the giants of modern coaching (seriously, he's up there with Fergie) would give MLS some much needed legitimacy, and may encourage further big name players to follow, and some foreign fans (and Guardian writers) to take the league a little more seriously.

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